quinta-feira, dezembro 11, 2008

Peter Joseph and Phil Stebbing in Lisbon

for the Artivist Film Festival.
In the end they both fall in love for Lisbon.

Peter Joseph, USA, presented here his polemic, intense, quite enlightening, and for some people very uncomfortable Zeitgeist Addendum. This month Peter flies to Moscow for the same reason. There, he's going to be interviewed in a major broadcasting TV channel. Then he will travel all over the world. Zeitgeist – both films – is already translated in 120 languages.
Phil Stebbing, UK, came to present his shocking Dead Line. How oceans are being deprived from its richness, and how oceans are dying under pirates 's large scale activity and the indifference of European authorities… it’s scaring, it’s outrageous it’s... Dead Line. Great audience in Forum Lisboa for both movies.
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